Ep.3 - Dr. Meghan Horn - Relationship Red Flags

Posted in Podcast on May 12, 2019


In this episode, Dr. Meghan Horn, Psy.D., HSPP talks about the importance of knowing your values and setting boundaries. She helps us understand what relationship red flags to be aware of and how to communicate to our partners, friends and families when they're crossing the boundaries we've set. She also breaks the stigmas associated with the victims and abuse and how abuse isn't always what we think. In this episode we hope to open a dialogue about abuse and encourage people to speak up, educate their children, and seek help. Enjoy!

About Meghan

Dr. Meghan Horn, Psy.D., HSPP, is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Indiana. She specializes in trauma-informed care, and works with individuals struggling with life transitions, relationship issues, and identity problems. She aims to aid individuals in learning how to take control of their lives and find meaning through their struggle. Learn more about Meghan at www.drmeghanhorn.com and @dr.meghanhorn.

Watch Meghan's video on Psychological and Relational Red-Flags: Self-Protection.

About Kristyn

Kristyn Bango is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Dietary Supplement Specialist. She works to inspire and educate women to reclaim their health and find peace in healing through natural health practices. Learn more about Kristyn at www.kristynbango.com and @kristynbango.