Ep.6 - Jerod Martin - Demystifying CBD Dosing

Posted in Podcast on Jun 26, 2019


In this episode I talk with Jerod Martin the co-founder of Botan CBD all about dosing. We break down what the different strengths of CBD mean and what's the best value for your money. We also discuss how to start using CBD and how to determine the exact dose.

If you've ever been confused about CBD dosing this episode is for you!

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About Jerod

Jerod Martin is the co-founder of Botan CBD where he is dedicated to making high grade broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products derived from the best organic cannabinoid-rich raw hemp material to deliver real results. Learn more about Botan CBD https://botancbd.com/

Jerod is also the host of the Jerod Martin Health podcast where he talks about health for the everyday person. Listen to Jerod's podcast http://jerodmartinhealth.com/

About Kristyn

Kristyn is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and a Dietary Supplement Specialist. She has a love for herbs, essential oils, health and natural living.Learn more about Kristyn at www.kristynbango.com and @kristynbango.

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